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  Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come -- II Corinthians 5:17.  

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  By Peter Wade
Attitude, Your Key to Prosperity
Be A Thanksgiver, Praiser, Rejoicer
Bold As A Lion
Christmas Starts in Genesis
Don't You Know?
The Dynamics of Giving & Receiving
The Dynamics of Renewing the Mind
Easter -- The Whole Outlook Changes
Expectation -- the Key to Believing God
Faith: Affirm and Act
A Father and His Children
Fear Not!
Fear Not! Behold a Savior
Feed Your Faith
Figures of Speech
Free From Condemnation
Freedom of Choice
God's Seeds of Greatness
Good News About God
The Grasshopper Philosophy
La Filosofía del Saltamontes [Spanish]
Die Grashuepfer-Philosophie [German]
How Far Do You Want To Go?
¿Cuan Lejos Usted Quiere Ir? [Spanish]
How to Have a Successful Year
Cómo Tener un Año Exitoso [Spanish]
How to Outdo the Law of Averages
How to Receive Your Needs
How to Walk on Water
Cómo Caminar en el Agua [Spanish]
I Can Do All Things
Identified with Him
Identificado con Él [Spanish]
The Imperishable Seed in You
It's a Package Deal
¡Esto es Estar Equipado! [Spanish]
Jesus and His Bible
One Saw Mud, The Other Saw Stars
Our Superlative God
Prayer As A Conversation
Relationships That Really Work
The Secret of Radiant Living
El Secreto de Vivir Radiante [Spanish]
See That You Excel
Simple Christianity
Slain by the Spirit?
The Soldier-Believer
Studies in Giving & Receiving
You Are A New Creation
The Word is Power
We Are Vessels

By A.J. Gordon
Christ Calming the Heart
Faith and Fruitfulness
Grace and Glory
In Christ (book)
Jesus Christ At Home
The Living Dead and the Dead Living
Love: Abounding Through Knowledge
The Ministry of Healing (book)
Our True Yoke-Fellow
Partakers of the Divine Nature
The Peace of God
The Twofold Ministry of Christ

By A.T. Pierson
The Christian's Crown-Jewels
In Christ Jesus
The Present Rest Of Believers
Union With Christ

By G. Campbell Morgan
Christ in You, the Hope of Glory

By J. Hudson Taylor
The Exchanged Life

By Ruth Paxson
The Wealth, Walk & Warfare of the Christian (book)

By T. Austin-Sparks
Christ Our Life
Christ Our Mind
Christ Our Object

  By E.W. Kenyon
E.W. Kenyon: A Tribute
Claiming Our Rights
The Four Gospels In Contrast With The Pauline Epistles
God Reproducing Himself In Us
The Helpless Babe
It Is Mine
A New Type of Christianity
Paul and Prayer
Raised With Him
Recovery of Paul's Revelation
Some Mighty Facts
Underestimating Jesus
What We Are In Christ

By Peter Allard

By E.W. Bullinger
"Abraham Believed God"
Christ In The Separate Books Of The Word
The Christian's Greatest Need
The Christian's Standing, Object, and Hope
Crucified With Christ
The Church Epistles
Following Hard
The Great Cloud of Witnesses
The Ground is Thirsty
How to Enjoy the Bible
The Names of Jesus
A New Creation
The One Great Subject of the Word
Praise for Divine Goodness
Right Division
Stablished, Strengthened, Settled
They Sang His Praise. They Soon Forgat His Works

By F.E. Marsh
The Eyes Of A Prophetic Outlook
The Finger of a Distinct Direction
The Glory of God's Paternity
The God of Detail
God's General Purpose
The Lungs of a Double Action
The Manifestation of Christ
The Heart of a Loving Purpose
Relationships to the Father
Seven Rules for Bible Study
The Soul Of A Breathing Life

By Norman Grubb
It's As Simple As This
Suffering: Its Secret
Throne Life

By Warren Litzman
The Believer's Secret of Happiness
Christ Lives In Me
The Effects of II Corinthians 5:17
Gratitude Opens the Door to Christ-life Living
The In-Christ Revolution
Jesus Lost in the Church
The Message
Our Sphere of Daily Living
Paul's Christian Church
The Radical Change at Pentecost
A Revelation of Jesus Christ: How Do We Receive It?

By Roger Bodary
God's Ultimate Plan

By Arthur Licursi
Christ For Me, Christ In Me, Christ As Me

By James A. Gray
How to Eat the Word
Cómo comer la Palabra [Spanish]
How to Master the Bible

By R. A. Torrey
Ten Reasons Why I Believe the Bible is the Word of God

  By S.D. Gordon
The Christ Crowned: The Fact
The Great Experiences of Jesus' Life
The Quiet Corner
Quiet Talks About The Healing Christ
Quiet Talks On Prayer

By E. Stanley Jones
In Christ

By F.B. Meyer
Channel-Beds not Pitchers
Fact! Faith! Feeling!
The Secret of Christ's Indwelling

By Hannah Whitall Smith
Divine Union
God is Enough
The Life on Wings
Oneness With Christ
Thanksgiving versus Complaining

By A.B. Simpson
Christ In You: The Apostle's Secret
Filled with the Spirit
Healing: the Scriptural Foundation
The Larger Life

By Andrew Murray
Of God Are Ye In Christ
The Presence of Christ
Privilege and Experience

By William Booth-Clibborn
Too Much: The Filled to Overflowing Experience

By John Hunter
Jesus Christ, My Full Salvation

By Dan Stone
Enjoy Being Yourself
One Plus One Equals One

By Don Byrd
The Fatherhood of God
Grace Is Not A Thorn Remover

By Walter Lanyon
The Father Within

By Cecil Hook
Free As Sons
Is Christian Our Name?

By A.E. Knoch
Figures of Speech

By Emmet Fox
The Golden Key to Prayer

By Ross Knight
The Inner Preparations of our Life

By Richard Plache
Spontaneous Giving

By Frank Stigall
Let the Church Be the Church
The Exchanged Life
The Three Temptations of Jesus

By Theodore Monod
Looking Unto Jesus

By Stephen Tyng
Christ is All

By Wayne Jacobson
Tithing, Giving and Generosity
Why I Don't Go to Church Anymore

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